Leading commercial firms and government agencies look to TWI to help overcome the most difficult supply chain challenges.

Program Management

At TWI, we believe in frequent and open communication throughout the supply chain process – with our clients, suppliers and service providers. That communication serves as the bridge between the sourcing and procurement processes and distribution and delivery.

Our experts maintain situational awareness on even the smallest details of our clients’ supply chain requirements – allowing us to see problems before they occur. We take action early to ensure our customers receive what they need, where they need it, on time.

It’s rare that one of our clients simply issues a purchase order and awaits delivery. Rather, the complex needs of government agencies, construction and energy sector customers require a significantly more “hands-on” approach. TWI’s program management philosophy provides exactly that, which guarantees consistently high-performing supply chains.

From planning to delivery, TWI provides the smart, tested, trusted solutions that make challenging supply chains workContact us to learn what we can do for you.