At TWI, we understand that our supply chain solutions are only as good as the value our clients realize from them.

Supply Chain Analytics

We can’t – and won’t – operate in a vacuum. That’s why we’re dedicated to offering clients unique visibility into their supply chains through a suite of proprietary analytical and business intelligence tools.

By combining modern technology with our deep supply chain knowledge and regional expertise, TWI gives clients a better understanding of their integrated supply chains – which creates new efficiencies, reduces costs and ensures across-the-board compliance.

ExPRSS Supply Chain Management Software

Our flagship technology solution, ExPRSS, is a custom-built supply chain management software suite created and maintained by our in-house development team. The pricing and supplier databases housed in ExPRSS allow TWI to quickly source, procure, and deliver items on a global basis. Accessible via any modern web browser, our business intelligence tools offer clients transparency into every aspect of their supply chains, from sourcing and procurement to warehousing and delivery and displays information using easy to understand dashboards.

TWI’s analytics capabilities empower clients to meet reporting requirements, improve visibility of supply chain performance and maximize operational effectiveness.

Through the use of these tools, TWI is able to quickly and efficiently analyze our customers’ supply chain data to identify trends in sourcing and purchasing activity, pricing variance, supplier performance and other factors. We then use this information to focus on trouble areas and improve the overall performance of the supply chain.

Our unique approach allows TWI to offer unparalleled accountability, while empowering clients to meet reporting requirements, strengthen operations, and ensure they are getting the most value from their supply chain

From planning to delivery, TWI provides the smart, tested, trusted solutions that make challenging supply chains work. Contact us to learn what we can do for you.