TWI provides smart, tested and trusted solutions for challenging government and commercial supply chains around the world. As a whole, we call it “Supply Chain as a Service.”

We provide a suite of tailored, integrated, scalable international supply chain management services. TWI solutions maximize operational efficiency, minimize cost, and allow our customers to focus on their core missions.

From planning and sourcing to distribution and delivery, we provide customized solutions for any segment of your supply chain, including holistic, end-to-end program management.

TWI is set apart by our culture of transparency, ethical behavior, and our experience in challenging regions and conditions.

There are many organizations throughout the world that are capable of handling simple projects. But life isn’t simple. When it gets complex you need a partner that understands your needs and is able to provide innovative, timely, trusted supply chain solutions. That’s TWI.

Sourcing / Category Management
Logistics/ Service Management
Pricing / Estimating Support
Purchasing Execution
Expediting / Process Management
Distribution / Project Management
Acquisition Planning
Compliance & Integrity
Industry Expertise
Technology & Systems

Sourcing / Category Management

Through our extensive supplier base, TWI integrates a support plan based on the commodities and geographies that may not be effectively covered by your existing suppliers and service providers. From there, TWI reevaluates current vendors while new vendors are validated in an automated, supplier management program.

Logistics / Service Management

Establishing and maintaining competing networks of logistics providers highlight this stage. Along with building an extensive network of logistics providers, new freight forwarding contracts based on operational requirements are established after an analysis of existing service agreements is completed.

Pricing / Estimating Support

TWI’s broad supplier network, volume buying power and information systems and databases customized for procurement operations helps us provide responsive and competitive pricing support for customers planning or bidding activities.

Purchasing Execution

TWI performs all purchasing activities in accordance with FAR-compliant procurement policies and procedures utilizing our proprietary systems or within a customer’s own system should they desire. All transactions are executed based on pre-established approval procedures with complete documentation and transparency.

Expediting / Process Management

TWI manages suppliers and service providers in the post-purchase phase, ensuring early or on-time delivery of materials to customer sites. TWI provides regular updates, delivery reports, and facilitates resolution of any discrepancies upon delivery.

Distribution / Project Management

TWI provides a full range of logistics services, including receiving, quality control, consolidation, shipping, and delivery to the end customer. In-transit visibility (ITV) of all goods throughout the shipment lifecycle is another pre-requisite. We manage all logistics support in alignment with the customer’s mission and goals.

Acquisition Planning

TWI engages the client’s procurement and logistics staff to establish baseline requirements and priorities of effort. Tasks can include market research, consideration of sourcing options, and systems integration discussions.

What Makes Up Supply Chain as a Service?

Program Management

Leading commercial firms and governmental agencies look to TWI to help them think through their most challenging supply chain needs – and ensure the resulting plans come to fruition.

Supply Chain Analytics

By combining proprietary procurement software, modern business intelligence tools and unmatched experience, we’re able to offer clients truly unique visibility into costs, compliance and overall program effectiveness.

Planning & Consulting

TWI’s supply chain planning and consulting services help government and commercial organizations identify gaps and opportunities within their supply chains, and create time- and cost-saving efficiencies.

Sourcing & Procurement

TWI’s unique, proven sourcing and procurement matrix balances speed, quality and cost to best meet the needs of the client within the context of the regions in which they work.

Distribution & Delivery

How materials get from source to site directly impact the speed, quality and cost of a supply chain. So, for TWI, distribution and delivery begin long before it is time to deploy materials.