TWI provides a range of tailored and fully compliant supply chain solutions for U.S. Government agencies and the prime contractors who support them.

Government Supply Chain SolutionsIn 1998, TWI became the first Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Prime Vendor (PV) to support customers outside of the continental U.S. (OCONUS). After successful performance as a subsistence (food) PV, we were awarded the first Integrated Facilities Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO) Prime Vendor contracts in Europe and later in the Middle East. TWI was proud to be the first MRO-PV for our deployed Warfighters in Iraq and surrounding areas. Building on our pioneering PV performance with DLA and as differentiated logistics provider on other USG logistics support programs, TWI has successfully executed more than $1.7 billion in transactions on behalf of the USG.

Active Government Contracts

We currently hold a number of significant contracts with U.S. Government agencies which allow us to provide supply chain management, procurement and distribution services across Europe, the Middle East, Central Asia and Africa.

DLA Subsistence Prime Vendor
Northern Europe (SPV-E) and Central Asian States (CAS)

TWI is the Defense Logistics Agency’s (DLA) first and longest serving overseas Subsistence Prime Vendor, providing full-line fresh food, food service supplies, and non-food distribution service to USG customers in Northern Europe and Central Asia.

TWI holds two contracts with the Defense Logistics Agency.

TWI supports this contract from a 75,400 square foot, EU Certified Cold Storage facility in Frankfurt, Germany.

SPV-E and CAS is a single-award food supply contract that provides U.S. customers and other approved ordering activities from the United Kingdom to Central Asia with subsistence support and food service supplies. TWI manages one of the longest operating food supply chains in the world extending from CONUS sites to Kazakhstan.

This PV food program requires TWI to source and establish long-term agreements with manufacturers and food suppliers, manage customer orders against a fixed product catalog, coordinate deliveries via commercial or Defense Transportation assets, consolidate products in overseas facilities, and distribute fresh products and supplies to multiple customer locations.

From our primary distribution center in Frankfurt, Germany – we source, procure, store and deliver food and related products to nearly 200 U.S. Government customers throughout Northern Europe and Central Asia.

Our 800 line item Prime Vendor Catalog includes frozen, chilled and semi-perishable food items, as well as over 100 non-food supplies. In addition to sourcing and managing local vendors, we procure, supply and deliver fresh fruits and vegetables, local market-ready items and fresh eggs from local producers – ensuring fresh, healthy dining options for our customers.

DLA Central Command Maintenance, Repair and Operation
(CENTCOM MRO) Prime Vendor

CENTCOM-MRO is a multiple-award, tailored logistics support contract, which provides U.S. military customers from Kazakhstan to Kenya with supplies and materials required for constructing and maintaining base camps and facilities.

TWI holds two contracts with the Defense Logistics Agency.

Since 2004, TWI has provided over $600 million worth of plumbing, electrical components, HVAC, lumber, hardware and other MRO materials on the CENTCOM MRO contract.

Customers can benefit immediately by utilizing DLA’s CENTCOM MRO program to support their procurement requirements for construction materials, capital equipment, and operations and maintenance supplies. By utilizing the MRO program, customers can diversify supply chain capabilities while reducing delivery cycle times, minimize commercial procurement spend, reduce contract costs, reduce compliance risk, and lower capital requirements.

GSA Logistics Worldwide (LOGWORLD) Schedule 874 V – Contract GS10-F007-CA


Through this flexible vehicle contract, TWI provides tailored logistics and procurement services to USG agencies worldwide.

The LOGWORLD Multiple Award Schedule 874 V assists federal agencies in procuring comprehensive logistics solutions. Services for the program include: planning acquisition and management of logistics; providing expertise, assistance, guidance, and supply chain management; and providing operational support services. Through this flexible contract, TWI provides tailored procurement and logistics solutions to USG agencies and other authorized customers around the world.

TWI provides unique supply chain solutions to governmental customers. Contact us to learn more.