Clients and suppliers alike have trusted TWI for more than 171 years. That trust is built on our reputation for compliance and ethics – even when operating in some very challenging places.

TWI invests in our compliance program just as we invest in the other areas of our business, making it an ingrained part of our culture. For us, compliance is not an afterthought or an extra duty; it is deeply rooted in our core values – integrity, communication, responsibility, initiative, respect and added value.

From senior management to on-the-ground personnel, as individuals and as an organization, we are trustworthy, knowledgeable, transparent and ethical. These are key business attributes can’t be bought or fabricated; they are earned and proven through relentless dedication and implementation.

“Do what is right – every day.”

At TWI, we believe that our global reputation as an ethical company depends on each employee consistently acting in accordance with applicable laws, our policies, and our values to deliver low-risk, high-value results.

As such, our commitment to compliance holds that:

  • We strive to create an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust both internally and with our customers and suppliers.
  • We recognize and respect the customs and cultural practices of all countries –striving to conduct our business in a culturally appropriate manner, and operating in compliance with national and international law.
  • We strictly comply with export and import laws and regulations, and do not engage in trade with any country subject to trade restrictions imposed by the U.S. Government.

TWI Code of Business Ethics & Conduct

All TWI employees are required to operate according to our Code of Business Ethics & Conduct (COBEC). The COBEC forms the basis of our Compliance and Ethics program and sets forth specific policies governing the conduct of TWI personnel, its agents and representatives. Our COBEC and the other elements of our Compliance and Ethics program help our customers and suppliers know that TWI personnel are doing things the right way.

You may download the COBEC (and related materials) in PDF form below.