TWI isn’t your typical company. 

TWI is no ordinary company. And we only hire extraordinary people.

As providers of smart, tested and trusted supply chain solutions to customers across multiple sectors, we are a very demand-driven organization. With an incurable knack for over-delivery, we continue to provide the highest level of professionalism and support to our extensive list of customers in expeditionary markets.

We actively pursue professionals who possess the enthusiasm, the knowledge, and the drive to flourish in a global industry. Our team searches for those who are firmly committed to providing a high level of service to customers, wherever they may be. With these attributes, we are able to help our customers achieve their goals throughout the globe.

If you are interested in joining the TWI team, please visit and follow the simple instructions.

TWI Recruitment Programs

TWI aims to provide opportunities to those currently studying, graduating, and who recently graduated to gain valuable experience within the business world. With three distinctive programs available, we aim to cater to a broad array of talent. These programs include: Summer Internship Program, Graduated Placement Program, and TWI Trainee Program. TWI will be offering these unique programs in the UAE, U.S., Europe, and Central Asia.

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