More than 171 years ago, Theodor Wille had a great idea.

Theodor WilleIt was 1844, and the German entrepreneur was entering the trans-Atlantic coffee business between Brazil and Europe. At the time, the vast majority of Brazilian coffee shipments to Europe went from large cities, like Rio de Janeiro, to centralized distributors in the United Kingdom. It was an inefficient, expensive system – and Wille was just the innovator it needed.

Rather than operate out of Rio, Wille set up operations 200 miles southwest in Santos – a far less crowded city, and a far more cost-effective export location due to its deep natural harbor and easy access to the country’s main coffee plantations. Wille also became the first to ship coffee directly to European ports like Hamburg, Germany – bypassing the U.K. distributors.

The approach was an instant success. By developing innovative solutions to seemingly intractable challenges and focusing on providing unparalleled service and quality, Theodor Wille & Co., soon established itself as a major player in the international import/export business – and a model to be emulated worldwide.

Smart, Tested & Trusted Supply Chain Solutions

Today, nearly two centuries later, Theodor Wille & Co., is TWI. We’ve turned our initial success in the coffee business into a leadership position in a new industry: providing innovative, integrated solutions for challenging supply chains across the globe. And while our company has changed dramatically, our core values have not.

TWI provides the smart, tested, trusted solutions that make challenging supply chains work.

Our talented, proven team is still focused on leveraging the latest technology and methodologies to develop smarter, more efficient, and more transparent international supply chain management, supply chain analytics and procurement outsourcing solutions.

We still hold sacred the trust our customers place in us, conducting business honestly and ethically – even in areas where those values are not the norm.

We still put our corporate and individual experience and unparalleled knowledge base to work for clients in a wide range of challenging markets.

From planning to delivery, TWI provides the smart, tested, trusted solutions that make challenging supply chains work. Contact us to learn what we can do for you.